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Trick with Weldwood Wood Glue

Trick with Weldwood Wood Glue

Written by Walt Smith

I have been putting together a TF-AT-6 for the past couple of months and have used a couple types of glue to put it together. The one glue I use for balsa to ply or wing sheeting is good old yellow carpenter glue. I use Weldwood II or III if I can find it. The one property I like is the ability to heat the dried glue with my steam iron, have it become very tacky and grab like it is fresh from the bottle. I discovered this many years ago, somehow or someone mentioned it to me. The best use of the glue is putting wing skins on ribs. I have not tried it over foam, as I think the heat would melt the foam under the skin. The trick is to apply the glue to all the ribs, weight it down and let dry. If after the glue has dried and you see the skin not attatched to a rib, just get out your cloths iron, turn it to as high as it will go, put a cotton pad down on the balsa to keep from burning it, hit it with the heat and press the sheeting down on the rib. With enough heat, the glue will become soft, and grab the glue on the sheeting or the rib below. Remove the iron, hold the wing skin down on the rib, and it should grab, giving you a strong glue joint. If you build, give it a try. I also use it to make balsa plywood if needed.

ESC Programing

ESC Programming

Written by Webmaster

When I got into flying electric planes, one of the first tasks I came across was programing my speed controller. I soon realized that some models and manufacturers have different options and settings. Most of them came with an instruction booklet (or a slip of paper), but didn’t really give great detail as to what each setting meant. I had to go to many differerent websites to find all the information I was lookign for. Setting a speed controller correctly will make your electric flight experience much more enjoyable.

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